Manifest the Magic (Book 2 of the Sacred Knight series)

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The Sacred Knight series continues with this second installment.

They told Steigan he’d been involved in an accident. They said he had stolen magic. Then the lies began.

Prophecies told of a time when the demons would return and cities would fall. None said anything about a champion.

Steigan finds himself tangled in the magic, plagued by nightmares of demons and fire, unable to control the power rising within him, and void of memories. He has nowhere to turn for help. His birthmark establishes his heritage, but can he uphold his birthright without knowledge of his past?

Can he regain his title of dominus? Will he take control of his magic before it’s too late?

Manifest the Magic continues the epic fantasy saga started in The Three Books.

270 pages

I am the author and cover designer for this series. Printing done by CreateSpace.

The book will ship directly from me and comes signed. If you would like this made out to a specific person, please send it to me through the "Got Questions" link below.

The second picture showing the three book covers is for advertisement of the series only. This listing is only for the 3rd book in the series. Please see my other listings for the first two books in the series.

Manifest the Magic (Book 2 of the Sacred Knight series)

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