The Loki Adventures (#1-5)

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Product Description

For a limited time, you can get the first 5 novellas of The Loki Adventures in together.

You will receive:

For Sale, Call Loki
For a Good Time, Call Loki
For More Information, Call Loki
For More Mischief, Call Loki

All will be signed. Please use the "Got Questions" box below to add the name of the person, family, or organization you would like it signed to.

Again, this is a limited time special, so if you want them all as individual novellas, now is your time to get this collection.

I am the author and cover artist for this series. Printing done by CreateSpace.

The Creative Adventures of Dawn Blair & Morning Sky Studios

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Here you will discover noble hearts and fantastic places.

Come explore if you dare, but be not surprised by what you find there. It is nothing more than a reflection of an ancient calling within my soul and within yours.

Let us delight in our magic.

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