Quest for the Three Books (Book 1 of Sacred Knight series)

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Steigan wants to prove himself as the best warrior and tracker. After being sent out to hunt down murderous bandits, he encounters a lone woman in the forest. The ancient chants draw him in. Her words haunt him as she starts him on his mission: find three books to save the world.

A boy who has struggled all his life to prove himself realizes he alone has the power to save his world or shatter it. He must overcome his own demons or be left wielding the very magic he’s sworn to annihilate.

The Three Books begins the epic fantasy adventure of the Sacred Knight series.

234 pages

The book will ship directly from me and comes signed. If you would like this made out to a specific person, please send it to me through the "Got Questions" link below.

The second picture shows the book covers for others in the series and is for advertisement of the series only. This listing is only for the 1st book in the series. Please see my other listings for the other books in the series as well as available bundles.

Quest for the Three Books (Book 1 of Sacred Knight series)

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