History of a Dead Man (A Sacred Knight Tale by Dawn Blair)

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Annae Bytherhourn's life changes when she discovers the truth about her father and he becomes a stranger to her. His past contains terrible secrets. History remembers him as a thief, conspirator, traitor, and killer. Now he has manipulated her life to position her in as much danger as he would be in if the world found out he still lived.

Can she overcome her own personal anger to leave the unbiased account of a life that needs to be remembered for a thousand years?

History of a Dead Man chronicles the missing forty or so years in the life of Saint Steigan as told by the daughter he raised. Only she knows the true story of a man who had to make hard decisions to carry on a difficult mission and become a champion.

100 pages

This novella is meant to be read between the 3rd and 4th books in the Sacred Knight series.

History of a Dead Man (A Sacred Knight Tale by Dawn Blair)

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