Let's Make a Deal (a short story by Dawn Blair)

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Known for their ability to create ice and freezing temperatures, ice nymphs are worth a lot to the people of the desert.

Bajet tracks his kidnapped sister to this forsaken land. He trusts no one and his strength drains with each passing day in the heat. But discovering the truth about the ruler of the desert, Bajet might not have enough of his icy abilities to free his sister in time. It might be time for a deal instead. Only Bajet doesn’t make the bargain.

Enter a world where heat and sand rule the harsh landscape against a formidable ice nymph willing to do whatever it takes in this fantasy, short story adventure written by the author of Quest for the Three Books.

28 pages

The Creative Adventures of Dawn Blair & Morning Sky Studios

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Here you will discover noble hearts and fantastic places.

Come explore if you dare, but be not surprised by what you find there. It is nothing more than a reflection of an ancient calling within my soul and within yours.

Let us delight in our magic.

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