Ninjas: Space Ninjas Aren't Real (a novella by Dawn Blair)

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Product Description

Selena never planned on setting foot in space. Not until roused from her sleep to go on an assignment with a captain who had lost over half his crew on the last voyage.

Could he want her, a newly graduated soul collector, to gather the spirits of the dead from his last mission? Or may there be a different reason for him wanting her on this expedition?

Venture into the sci-fi world of one woman’s journey to discover her ninja powers. We promise: Space ninjas aren’t real. (Right?)

From the author of The Doorway Prince and Ninja: By the Numbers, join the quest for this second stand-alone adventure of the ninja origin stories.

82 pages

The Creative Adventures of Dawn Blair & Morning Sky Studios

Welcome, fellow adventurer!

Here you will discover noble hearts and fantastic places.

Come explore if you dare, but be not surprised by what you find there. It is nothing more than a reflection of an ancient calling within my soul and within yours.

Let us delight in our magic.

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