Prince of the Ruined Land (Book 4 of Sacred Knight series)

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The Sacred Knight series continues with this fourth installment.

The prophecy has been fulfilled: the Bloody Saint has returned.

Steigan was known as the saint and betrayer for a reason: where ever he went, death and destruction followed.

Now his enemies attack the gates of the ruined city of Lilinar to capture him. There will be no escape for him this time and no saving his friends. He has nothing but the debris around him.

And the advantage of a lifetime to plan.

Will it be enough to stop the threats retaking the land or to save his friend from turning to the evil powers that he knows will possess Martias?

Prince of the Ruined Land continues in this epic fantasy adventure by Dawn Blair, author of The Loki Adventure

268 pages

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The third picture shows the other book covers in the series and is for advertisement of the prior books in the series. This listing is only for the 4th book in the series. Please see my other listings for the other books in the series as well as bundles available.

Prince of the Ruined Land (Book 4 of Sacred Knight series) Prince of the Ruined Land (Book 4 of Sacred Knight series)

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