The Last Ant (a short story by Dawn Blair)

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Product Description

The ant scurries on the counter, alone and the only remnant of its poisoned colony. Empathizing with the ant, Natalie ponders putting it out of its misery. As a scientist, she knows her flowcharts point to humankind’s destruction: much like the ants, we polluted our colony too.

Heading up one of a handful of secret labs, Natalie’s mission to save humanity seems more like a cliché sci-fi movie than reality. Or maybe the world-weary views she possesses stem from her own bitter past.

Knowing the final days of humanity approaches, Natalie plans for her revenge and escape.

A dark tale of the world near death and one woman determined to survive against all the odds.

70 pages - does include a free sample of the first 3 chapters of The Three Books (Legend One of the Sacred Knight series).

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