Transfuse the Muse - downloadable PDF starter pack

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Not feeling creative?

Sometimes the Muse just needs a transfusion. Enter Transfuse the Muse!

Similar to those adult coloring books everyone is going wild about, but here you have no lines that you must color within. In fact, you are encouraged to not color within the lines. Make you own patterns. That's what creativity is all about, right?

What you get in this starter pack:
Basic instructions to get you started with an example of a "finished" page
3 downloadable, printable sheets - you can use them over and over -- just print out out when you want to play

What you need:
Something to color with: pencil, pen, colored pencils, markers, crayons, paint, etc.
A printer with paper
A little bit of imagination
A little time

What you gain:
I have found that when my Muse has gone AWAL, if I sit down with one of these sheets and just start to look for images, my mind opens up and the creativity starts to flow once more. Every time I look at a Transfuse the Muse sheet, I see new pictures. It's always fun to see what I will find this time.

So, get your sheets and start playing now.

Transfuse the Muse - downloadable PDF starter pack

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